Arthur  Slipavicius – Slipas born in 1962 29 of July, In Vilnius,  In Samogitians family: Bronė and Kostas Šlipavičiai family. The artist songs and oil colors smell accompanied by childhood. Arthur Šlipavičius in 1985 graduated from the same university, obtaining an artist and a teacher while still a specialty diploma, began to participate in various republican exhibitions of young artists.

A. Slipavicius painted in watercolor, oil paint, played guitar and wrote ballads.  For a long time artist dreamed about himself pictures, collected all world music instruments and also created it.  To reach a dream in 1987 in Vilnius  occurred the first art – music  exhibition.  In this exhibition plays music, which was created by jazz musicant Vytautas Labutis. And after half a year was created the avant-garde music group „IR VISA TAI KAS YRA GRAŽU YRA GRAŽU“.

In 1988 occurred one more art and music project, and several more.. Creative duet of Arthur Šlipavičius and V. Labutis was quikly assessed.  In later , together with jazz leading figure Vladimiras Čekasinas, Arthur Šlipavičius created new projects. In The Soviet Union failure A. Šlipavičius with V. Labutis created first Lithuanian art – music video catalog.  This catalog was traveled half world, which proclaimed A. Šlipavičius and V. Labutis name and also regenerative Lithuanian name.

All A. Šlipavičius creative life the most interesting was synthesis of art. The artist want to create new art world, in which all of arts will be equally important. In 1992 – 2002 artist created painting – music project “LETHE””, which was present in Klaipėda exhibition hall in Lithuania in 2002, and after half year in town half of Vilnius.


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